Friday, January 8, 2010

different , better , move on...

1st day of 2010
went out til 9 in de morning of
2nd day 2010
have a nap
until around 12 something
went cs support stella's fashion show
makan lunch 1st
stella said she was de 3rd contestant
so they said no need so fast la...
went n take a puff...

we missed hers
jus nice is de next contestant's model
while we reach
sry stella...
but still took some of de models

stella we took picture of u n caz

voting for her
after tat went kinsahi
drink some tea
relax relax a bit...

ice shop lepak awhile

went for beer
roost at eden

daph n boon came for dinner

cycling in front of roost
hahaha so cute...
ppl dress nicely goin to club ed
we playing bike in front of clubs

ok done...
went home...
next is...
4th day of 2010
1st day of sch...
went to sch happily...
den went to get my schedule
notice eh? y de classes looks familiar...
de very 1st course n semester i failed
in my college life... sad sial...
need to retake de whole semester
waste another 5 months time sien...
nvm la wad to do...
mayb is a chance for me to learn more
take it as a learning progress lo...
k done of sch pekchek
went lepak wif them at molek
n they planned to go
but cancelled
coz is kinna late
so plan changed
tat day was jiawen's bday
tats y need to b something special

reach a beach
they called it
pantai hitam
but de ori name i not sure...
hahaha sounds cool rite...
but who knows
EBB!! no water!!!

can c from my back
de water is way far back from my back

change again
to de beach we used to go...

reach there
ice say go to de inner part
de volleyball area lesser ppl
but a guard was there
n say this area is off limit for tday
ask us go back there
can play until 7pm
we look at our watch
6.30 pm!!!
rush!! to de other side...
yeah!!! fun begins!!

done of playing around 8pm
no place for us to bath!!
bo bian... clean some of de sands
get on de car
went petronas bath...
1st time bath in a patrol station toilet
hahaha quite exciting...
finnish bathing
went for dinner
sungai rengit i think
si wan dao
char kuey tiao
hahaha tasty...
sweet type of char kuey tiao
1st time have it... not bad...
ok back to jb
around 11 if not wrong
went jiawen's place
had beer
n some poker games
hahaha fun take place...
until 2 am...
den went home
6th of 2010
had lunch at modern revelation wif
3 sampats
after my class...haha
nice lunch wif lots of laughter haha...
went sing k after lunch
da zhui ba near my place...
nice voices took place
sad not include mine sobs...

went movie at nite
vampire assistant
not bad show
i felt ok ok onli actually...
but stil ok la diff ppl gave diff comments...
went limteh after tat den
no more...
felt like doin business
dun wanna waste too much of my parents money
but my parents dosent seem to support me...
ask me to study properly
haiz... mayb jus... stil not de right time for me yet
or mayb i shud make a move on it...
y cant everything goes easier...
i realli wish tat im not wasting my parents money...